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Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Demand A Voter Recount


Earlier this week, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein demanded a recount in three key states, citing possible hacks in the voting system. Stein started a campaign to raise $2.5 million in order to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, states in which Donald Trump won on election day. It was announced on Friday that not only did Stein earn enough money to initiate the recount, she surpassed her $2.5 million goal.

According to NBC News, Jill Stein raised $4 million to re-examine the vote totals. However, all is not well just yet. The Wisconsin Elections Commission told NBC News that they have yet to receive the required paperwork needed to request a recount by Friday’s deadline. The Michigan and Pennsylvania recount dates will be next week.

Jill Stein hopes to raise a total of $7 million, which will cover the fees for filing costs, attorneys and statewide recount observers.

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